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Planning Guide to Ecommerce success

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Resources- Your step-by-step guide to Ecommerce

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Just as there are many kinds of businesses - retail, wholesale, service, manufacturing -- there are many different types of Ecommerce business models.

Where do you fit in?  What are your objectives ?

Just ask yourself the questions below to identify the Ecommerce business model(s) that best fit your current or proposed e-business. Then print out this page and the ones to follow to check off the important items or notate where your need might need external help. By studying similar Ecommerce sites - and following their "stories" in the business press - you can "model" your own business after their successes, and hopefully sidestep the obstacles they've already encountered. Communicate with other site owners, they might just want to create an alliance with you.

Image Marketing Services has summarized the descriptions of ecommerce business models in a way that is easy to understand and can help business owners clarify their own ecommerce objectives. The following questions are geared to guide you through your own ecommerce planning steps.

  1. Do you plan to offer "content" (information) online?
  2. Is your aim to be the dominant player in your field? Will you be the first in your field to seriously invest in Ecommerce?
  3. Are there existing Ecommerce sites in your category? Do your customers expect you to have an Ecommerce site? Do you need to figure out how to compete?
  4. Is the purpose of Ecommerce site attract new customers - or supplement or replace an existing way of reaching new or existing customers?
  5. Will your Ecommerce site be speeding up or improving traditional business services by offering more convenient or money-saving e-business capabilities?
  6. Will you be simplifying major events (such as buying a home or car) for consumers by offering one-stop shopping for all related services?
  7. Will you be segmenting your customer base - and tailoring customized services to each segment?
  8. Will you be using the Internet to improve communication and collaboration between all parties in your supply chain?
  9. Will you be using Ecommerce to make your internal or external processes more efficient?
  10. Do you want to improve your overall marketing efforts by getting to know your customers and prospects better?
  11. Can your product be delivered more profitably online?

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