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2 seater sports cars that could make it into the Muscle car category...except for one thing...price!

Even though the American Motors AMX 2 seater is the only qualifying true Muscle Car by our standards (low priced high performance package add-ons) a few 2 seater rockets just have to be shoe horned into Muscle car history. The famed AC Cobra, AMX and Javalin, exotic Ferraris, Sunbeam Tigers, Delorians and even some screaming BMW's and custom Porche models.

Exotic sports cars and 2 seaters which make the Muscle car list.

The AMC AMX debuted on Feb. 24, 1968, as a mid 1968 model. It was the first steel-bodied, two seat American production model since the 1957 Ford Thunderbird. American Motors created the AMX (American Motors Experimental) by slicing a foot out of its Javelin body, eliminating the rear seat, and making it a true two seat sports car. Its short 97 inch wheelbase cut the AMX curb weight to about 3,100 pounds. When equipped with the top of the line 315 bhp version of the 390 cid engine, it gave the AMX a power-to-weight ratio of 9.8 lbs/bhp. This combination was good for 0-60 times of 6.9 seconds and a quarter mile in 15.2 seconds. Standard equipment on the AMX included reclining bucket seats, carpeting, woodgrain interior trim, E70-14 Goodyear polyglas tires, a four-speed manual transmission, and a heavy-duty suspension. Base price for the AMX was a reasonable $3,245. In February 1968, race driver Craig Breedlove set 106 world speed records with an AMX. To celebrate this feat, about 50 special red, white, and blue "Craig Breedlove" editions were built.

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"A muscle car, by the strictest definition, is an intermediate sized, performance oriented model, powered by a large V8 engine, at an affordable price. Most  models were based on "regular" production vehicles with a special options package factory installed."

Two seat sports cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette and the Ford Thunderbird are not considered muscle cars due to their high price and specialty nature.

These are the fastest domestic modern cars in the quarter mile.

1 1997 Viper GTS 12.05@116 V10 450 6-Speed MM 8/97
2 2002 Corvette Z06 12.5@114.9 LS6 350 405 6-Speed MT 2/02
3 1990 ZR1 Corvette 12.8@113.8 LT5 350 375 6-Speed MT 4/90
4 1997 Hurst/Firebird 12.99@103.11 350 350 automatic MCR 4/97
5 1992 Viper RT/10 13.1@108 488 V10 400 6-Speed CD 7/92
6 1995 ZR1 Corvette 13.1@112.0 LT5 350 405 6-Speed MT 8/95
7 2001 Corvette Coupe 13.1@109.1 LS1 350 350 6-Speed MT 3/01
8 1997 Corvette 13.20@109.3 350 LS-1 345 6-Speed MT 5/97
9 1997 SLP Camaro SS 13.20@108.8 350 LT4 330 6-Speed MT 2/97
10 1990 Pontiac Firehawk 13.20@107 350 350 6-Speed CD 6/91
11 1996 Camaro Z28 SS 13.46@106.48 350 LT-1 310 6-Speed MCR F/M 96
12 2000 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 13.5@107.4 350 LS1 325 6-Speed MT 12/99
13 2002 Camaro Z28 SS 13.5@107.3 350 LS1 325 6-Speed MT 12/01
14 1995 Mustang Cobra R 13.67@102.82 351 300 5-Speed MCR A/S 95
15 1996 Corvette GS 13.7@105.1 350 LT-4 330 6-Speed RT 2/96
16 1987 Buick GNX 13.70@102 231 Turbo V6 300 automatic HR 4/87

What's the secret ingrediants in all Muscle cars that give their owners the above numbers? Usable Horsepower to the rear wheels and light weight.

64gto-engine3.jpg (38029 bytes) hotrod_engine2.jpg (65715 bytes)


Engine power can be increased by good tuning of the fuel mixture, proper ignition timing for the engine and fuel combination you will use, properly adjusted plugs of the correct heat range, a good dual exhaust system, a clean and efficient air intake system to the carb, proper operating carb, and good engine condition. Still big cubes and carburation rules the hey days of Muscle Cars. If the engine is to be overhauled, do it exactly like the shop manuals specify and always try to keep matching engine part numbers if your interested in your investment. Relatively minor changes in cam selection, fuel mixture, ignition timing and advance, rear end gear ratio, compression ratios, and carb type can provide some performance increase without substantially degrading driveability. However, large changes to any part of this balanced setup will almost always cause a loss in actual measured performance. Consult with some of our MBA members who specialize in OEM parts and performance tuning of your Muscle car or exotic sports car.

1974 Ferrari Deno sports car for sale at $105,000

1974 FERRARI DINO, Rare 1974 flares and chairs 246 GTS. Rosso Rubino Metallizzato Dark Red Metallic Exterior with Black interior. Power Windows, Air conditioning, headlight covers. 22,975 well documented and maintained miles. Mouse hair and sun shades in excellent condition, Documentation and tool kit included. asking price=$105,000.... SORY tyhisd one is SOLD

Rare Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Click here to view this Ferrari Dino 1974 mint conditions sports car

Factoid: These are the fastest muscle cars of all time, as ranked by Muscle Car Review Magazine, the source on muscle cars. This ranking was developed by comparing muscle cars as measured by different, respected sources, which were then ranked by their respective quarter mile elapsed times.

Compare the FASTEST Vintage MUSCLECARS

1 1966 427 Cobra 12.20@118 427 8V 425 4-Speed 3.54 CC 11/65
2 1966 Corvette 427 12.8@112 L72 427 425 4-Speed 3.36 CD 11/65
3 1969 Road Runner 12.91@111.8 440 Six BBL 390 4-Speed 4.10 SS 6/69
4 1970 Hemi Cuda 13.10@107.12 426 Hemi 425 4-Speed 3.54 CC 11/69
5 1970 Chevelle SS454 13.12@107.01 454 LS6 450 4-Speed 3.55 CC 11/69
6 1969 Camaro 13.16@110.21 427 ZL1 430 4-Speed 4.10 HC 6/69
7 1968 Corvette 13.30@108 427 6V 435 4-Speed 3.70 HC 5/68
8 1970 Road Runner 13.34@107.5 426 Hemi 425 automatic 4.10 SS 12/69
9 1970 Buick GS Stage I 13.38@105.5 455 Stage I 360 automatic 3.64 MT 1/70
10 1968 Corvette 427 13.41@109.5 L72 427 425 4-Speed 3.55 CD 6/68
11 1969 Charger 500 13.48@109 426 Hemi 425 4-Speed 4.10 HR 2/69
12 1968 Charger 13.50@105 426 Hemi 425 automatic 3.23 CD 11/67
12 1970 Plymouth Superbird 13.50@105 426 Hemi 425 ? ? ?
14 1968 Road Runner 13.54@105.1 426 Hemi 425 automatic 3.55 CD 1/69
15 1973 Trans Am 13.54@104.29 455 SD 310 automatic 3.42 HR 6/73
16 1969 Corvette 13.56@111.1 427 L88 430 automatic 3.36 HR 4/69
17 1969 Super Bee 13.56@105.6 440 Six Pack 390 automatic 4.10 HR 8/69

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1996 restored Dodge Viper RT/10 with dual tops
1996 Dodge Viper RT/10 fully restored

A One-of-a-Kind, Customized Viper pampered since the day of its delivery. A BRAND NEW FACTORY ENGINE & TRANSMISSION WERE INSTALLED IN 2001/2002 by factory Team Viper mechanics & Dealership Viper mechanics. There is less than 22,000 miles on the current engine and transmission. CAR PERFORMS, HANDLES & SHOWS TO PERFECTION. It comes with a removable hardtop, a convertible soft top and is a steal at ...$39,500

plymouth_prowler2.jpg (118475 bytes) custom2.jpg (47390 bytes) sunbeam_tiger.jpg (93404 bytes)
The Plymouth Prowler or Mazda tricked out street racers would still have a problem whooping the 1965 Sunbeam Tiger II off the line or down the 1/4 mile as the Ford 289 Hi-Performance V8 with 4 barrel powered this 2200 lb missile. Stopping it was the problem along with handling a car where most of the weight was up-front!

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