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Welcome to Motown Muscle Cars discussion forum dedicated to vintage Detroit Muscle cars owners. Our group caters to classic car collectors seeking to buy or sell their high performance vehicles via classified photo Ads or auction sites like eBay Motors or Cars.com. Post your photos or car club events here and send e-mail offers on cars for sale to the group Motown_Musclecars@yahoogroups.com   We are seeking car tips, hard to find parts, buying/selling information and your personal Muscle Car experiences. Completely OPT-IN we do not allow spamming this forum group. Nice features outlined below and YOU managed your involvement. Main page link http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Motown_musclecars/

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MOPAR vs GM and Ford battles as to who is faster are encouraged. Heck you can arrange friendly contests are snag a date online if your cars HOT and your not!

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Wow do I love Muscle cars! As a teenager growing up in Metro Detroit one couldn't escape the attraction of men to their "high performance" babe mobiles. Every Friday night it was a ritual of passage. Wash up the car and head off to the old Detroit Dragway or favorite local Carhop hangout to meet up with all your friends. Cruising Woodward or Gratiot Avenue for girls and burning through gas and fast food money was part of the ritual. Getting to ride in a Honest to God real Muscle Car, capable of blowing off your high school friends in a spur of the moment drag race, was the ultimate rush. Well those "Happy Days" are still with some of us car enthusiasts nationwide turning back to the 60's and 70's in a series of Muscle and vintage car cruises every summer.

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