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Plymouth History of high-performance Muscle Cars and drag racing began back in 1965.

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Plymouth cut their teeth in Muscle car building with a series of models that excited the MOPAR fans all during the 60's and 70's. The Plymouth 'Cuda - Plymouth Duster - Plymouth GTX - Plymouth Road Runner and the Plymouth Superbird all became street racing legions. The Plymouth Barracuda was the first pony car, debuting two weeks before the Ford Mustang. It was quickly eclipsed by the Mustang and the Camaro/Firebird due, but would make a name for itself in 1970 when it was available with an engine its competition could only dream of, the Hemi. 1965 saw the introduction of the "Formula S" performance option, although the Plymouth Barracuda still was far from a performance car. The 225 Slant Six officially replaced the 170 Slant Six as the standard engine.

The Barracuda finally became a true pony car in 1967. The Barracuda was redesigned on a new, longer wheelbase and offered a choice of V8s, two 273 cid V8s and a new 383 cid V8. The Slant Six engine was officially dropped. Unfortunately, the 383 engine was so large that the power steering pump couldn't fit under the hood, so it was unavailable -- which resulted in poor handling. The original fastback model was now joined by a notchback and a convertible model. The Formula S option package was still available and added a heavy duty suspension, tachometer, Wide-Oval tires, and special emblems and trim.

1969 was the year that Plymouth finally got serious about performance. They boosted the output of the 383 cid engine to 330 bhp and found room to fit power steering. Plymouth also introduced a cosmetic package built around the Formula S option, which they called the 'Cuda. The 'Cuda could be had with either the 275 bhp 340 V8 or the 383, but it still wasn't fast enough. Plymouth responded in 1970 by stuffing in the triple carb 440 V8 under the hood, the largest engine available in a pony car. The performance models were called 'Cudas and featured five different V8s, the 340, 383, 440, 440+6, and the almighty 426 Hemi. The 440s and the Hemi cars received a special high performance suspension to put all that power to the road. Standard Barracudas came with a flat hood, while 'Cudas came with standard dual non-functional hood scoops. Optional on all 'Cudas (and standard on Hemi's) was a very functional shaker scoop, so named because it attached directly to the engine, and poked up through a hole in the hood and thus "shaked" whenever the engine did.  Hemi - 426/425: 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, 1/4 mile in 13.41 sec. @ 104.6 mph.

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Plymouth also built a special model for 1970: the Plymouth AAR 'Cuda. AAR was taken from Dan Gurney's All-American Racers, which raced 'Cudas in the Sports Car Club of America Trans-Am racing series. But whereas Ford and Chevrolet built special models (Boss 302 Mustang and Camaro Z28) meant to mimic the race cars, Plymouth built a street rod. Along with the similar Dodge Challenger T/A, the AAR 'Cuda sported a unique 340 cid V8 with 3x2 carbs that pumped out 290 bhp. The exterior was definitely unique with a matte-black lift-off fiberglass hood, through body-side strobe stripes, tri-colored AAR shield, and standard black ducktail spoiler. The AAR 'Cuda also had special shocks and recambered rear springs which raised the rear end 1 3/4 inches over the regular 'Cuda which allowed clearance for exhaust pipes that exited in front of the rear wheelwell (after routing through the standard muffler beneath the trunk). It also permitted the use of larger tires in the rear, one of the first uses of wider rear tires on a production automobile.

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The Plymouth Super Bird was created for the same reason as the Dodge Daytona -- a full on high speed race machine designed for the NASCAR races, but available to the public....Superbird performance...426/415: 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, 1/4 mile in 13.50 seconds @ 105.0 mph.

Trying to capture some of the success that their Dodge brothers had in 1969 with their Daytona, Plymouth tried the same thing in 1970 with their creation, the Plymouth Superbird. Although similar in appearance, the Superbird was actually quite different from the Daytona. The Superbird was based on the Plymouth Road Runner and the nose, airfoil, and basic sheet metal was different between the Daytona and Superbird. The special nose added 19 inches to the overall length (the Daytona's was 18 inches), and the trunk spoiler was more angled and higher than the Daytonas. On both models, the spoiler was two feet high so that the owner could open the trunk. Although it created quite an impression on the street, the wing did almost no aerodynamic good under 90 mph

NASCAR only required 500 copies to be built in 1969, but in 1970, NASCAR required a manufacturer to build one unit per dealer. In the end, Plymouth built a total of 1,920 SuperBirds. SuperBirds were available with three different engines. The most popular was the basic Super Commando 440 V8 with a single four barrel carb rated at 375 bhp. Next up was the 440 Six Pack rated at 390 bhp. At the top, and ordered by just 93 buyers, was the mighty 426 Hemi, rated at 425 bhp. Despite the success of the SuperBird on the tracks, 1970 would be the only year it was made.

plymouth-gtx-1969.jpg (24360 bytes)

The Plymouth Road Runner gained a convertible and two door hardtop for 1969 and replaced the GTX series in popularity. The GTX received minor front and rear cosmetic changes in 1969, which included new rectangular side markers, and a new (but very similar) grille and taillight treatment. On the performance side, the GTX was now available with a wider choice of rear axles, and a Hurst shifter. Also new was the Air Grabber option, which consisted of dual air intakes in the hood with a dash-controlled shut off. The Hemi, a $700.90 option, was ordered on just 198 hardtops and only 11 GTX convertibles. A third engine option for the GTX appeared in mid-1969. Plymouth took the 440 V8 and replaced the single four barrel carb with three two barrel carbs and put out a solid 390 bhp. Called the 440+6, it was just a $119 upgrade over the standard 440, still rated at 375 bhp.

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1971plymouth_cuda340.jpg (57217 bytes) Dream Cruise Corvette club rally Dream cruisers with Hemi engines wdc_hotrods2.jpg (75071 bytes)

FAQ #1 What is the WDC? The Woodward Dream Cruise (WDC) is the grass roots phenomenon that has grown into the world's largest one-day automotive event. On the third Saturday in August, it attracts more than 1.5 million people and 40,000 muscle cars, street rods, custom, collector and special interest vehicles. The cars cruise a legendary 16-mile strip called Woodward Avenue in one glorious, celebratory, homage to America's love affair with the automobile. Spectators line the streets and many family-oriented amusements and attractions provide entertainment and excitement. This year marks the 10th anniversary of this event. It takes places in the nine cities that line Woodward Avenue in suburban Detroit, Michigan. for more info

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