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Classic Muscle cars have a dedicated group of vendors who specialize in classic car financing, insurance and restoration services. The MBA membership directory listings contain sponsors for this Muscle car collectors sales site.

The "MuscleCar Brokers Alliance" members are your trustedmbamember.gif (5709 bytes) source for finding services related to buying- selling -shipping -restoring and insuring your Classic or  Muscle car. We highly recommend these vintage and classic car merchants for all our clients and site visitors. Join this elite MBA group and profile your companies services to muscle car buyers & sellers on this page and web site!

MBA -Charter Members listed below

mba_btn.gif (6276 bytes) a full service purchasing escrow service for buyers and sellers adds trust to the transaction reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions. Escrow services are provided by a licensed and regulated escrow agent.

  • When to use Escrow is well-suited for items purchased on auction sites, automobiles, motorcycles, domain names, jewelry, specialized computer equipment, and other high-ticket items.

  • When to use another payment service: If you know the other party involved in the transaction, or the merchandise can be personally delivered and payment verified.

Protection for both Buyer and Seller

  • Buyers receive and inspect the merchandise before the Seller is paid.

  • Sellers receive their money if the Buyer accepts the merchandise.

  1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms
    Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the vehicle, sale price, number of days for the Buyer’s inspection of the vehicle, and any shipping information.

  2. The Buyer Pays
    The Buyer submits a payment, selecting check, money order, wire transfer, or credit card online. verifies the payment. Processing time varies by payment method.

  3. The Seller Ships the Vehicle
    Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to ship the vehicle and submit tracking information. verifies that the Buyer receives the vehicle.\

  4. Buyer Inspects and Accepts
    The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the vehicle and the option to accept or reject the vehicle. For more information, FAQs - Return Questions. Upon acceptance, the process of transferring the title should begin. Click here to read about our Title Transfer service.

  5. The Seller is Paid by pays the Seller by check or wire transfer. The transaction is complete.

J.J. Best Banc classic car auto financing here

J. J. BEST BANC & CO., being the largest Automobile Lender of it's type in the country, is recognized by Antique, Classic, Exotic, Muscle, Hot Rod and Sports car enthusiasts and dealers as the leader in the Classic Car automobile finance industry. Offering long terms and low rates, financing is available for most model cars ranging from 1900 to today. With the most knowledgeable staff available, your loan could be approved within 5 minutes and you maybe driving that dream car within 48 hours!

JJ Best Banc & Co web site

J. J. Best Banc & Co. is recognized by Antique, Classic, Kit, Muscle, Exotic, Rod and Sports Car enthusiasts as the national leader in the classic automobile financing industry. Automobile owners all across America have trusted J.J. Best Banc & Co. for financing that is fast and simple, usually 5 minute credit approval. We know the value and understand the collateral whatever the vehicle type or year. We proudly loan to make dream car loans come true. Our basic philosophy: The customer comes first, that's why we are the largest lender of our type in the country.

 Purchase all types of car parts, car sterios, iPod and MP3 accessories for your ride

CarDomain - Shop Online! Post, or browse some hot car photos, bloog your car and get noticed in the CarDomain performance car CarDomain - Get your gear online and trick out your ride!community site. I love the fact they also take some of the most popular car accessories, performance parts and interior/exterior dress up kits and put them onsale for all makes and models of cars. Trick out your ride and even get awsome deals on car audio & video systems...Panasonic (Price Drop) in-dash DVD touch screen with 5.1 channel Dolyb Digital DTS. Sale price $599.95. Looking for car speakers? Speaker Sale, Every Make is on Sale. Huge savings on all speakers every make every model. Hot deal..$50 cash back from XM when you purchase the Inno portable XM tuner. Full color TFT screen. This looks very cool.

Looking for performance enhancements for your car or truck? CarDomains has the Lowest Prices on In-Dash Navigation Systems. Never get lost again and find the fastest path with our Touch Screen Systems. Also on-sale are the performance cruiser's best defense against the urge to burn rubber. Don't get a speeding ticked ever again. Stay away from the long arm of the law Lowest prices of Radar Detectors. Take it from the Muscle Car experts ... you can't go wrong with their sales, customer service and guarantee! 105% price match on car audio, mobile video and car parts.

Our site has Free Classified Ads - Premier Muscle Car Ads -eBay auction tools

The "MuscleCar Brokers Alliance" was created in order to help the thousands of used classic car resellers, restoration specialist, engine rebuilders, finance -shipping and insurance professionals find and share their expertise through Internet technology on this site. We seek to streamline the multitude of questions all buyers have regarding Classic and Muscle Car purchases. All MBA members are dedicated to serving both buyers and sellers in making intelligent choices and getting the most out of their Musclecar investments.  MBA membership has it's privileges and is well worth the low annual dues of $75.00. Our site features many types of online communication.  Classified / Auction Ad traffic and auto related marketing programs save you time and smooth the process of brokering or buying Classic cars for resale. Our members are devoted to quickly moving  cars at a reasonable price or assisting in the buy/sell process.  Click here to go to membership form

Enclosed Car transportation available anywhere in the world. Local, International and Overseas shipping available. Use this list to find the Classic car transporter of your choice. Call them for a free door to door quote.

Autobahn Transport 1-888-458-9052
Luxury Express 1-888-642-7094
Passport Transport-Enc 1-800-325-4267
Reliable - Arizona 1-800-528-5709
Reliable - Michigan 1-800-521-6393
Reliable - Florida 1-800-833-7411
AAA Driveaway 1-800-233-4875
Exotic - Open & Enclosed 1-800-766-8797
California Jag 1-800-429-8100
Horseless Carriage 1-800-631-7796
Pilot Transport - Michigan 1-800-252-7733
Pilot - Arizona 1-602-921-2102
Newman Transport 1-813-22-5000
Select Transport 1-888-709-9700
Thomas Sunday Inc. 1-800-541-6601
Majestic Transport 1-888-829-0802
Dependable Shippers - California 1-800-826-1083
Dependable - New Jersey 1-800-626-2505
Open Cumberland Express 1-888-882-3682
VIP Transport 1-888-482-5847

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Sell Your Car Free at LiveDeal Autos   is the web’s fastest growing online marketplace for local buying and selling. The site is perfect for hard to ship items like Muscle Cars, collectable Find 1,000's of Unique Muscle cars and collectable Items at cars, hi-performance engines, drive trains, wheels & tires, and body restoration parts you prefer to see before buying. LiveDeal is also great for shippable items – Sellers can list their items FREE and use the Buy Now feature to receive payment instantly. Tired of High Priced Newspaper Classified Ads? Try LiveDeal Whether you want to sell a Harley motorcycle, RV, or that dusty 1965 Sunbeam Tiger on blocks in the garage, LiveDeal will help expand your online reach! Tired of paying for outrageous auction site fees or expensive newspaper classifieds? Check out the LiveDeal alternative. Free Classified Ads -, Your Local Marketplace

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Our mission: Offer True value at the end of every click, rather then wasting your efforts on general search engines. The above merchants offer digital window shopping of their entire ecatalogs.

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