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All about Get-in2's Muscle Car site and servicesimsmike_sml.gif (4978 bytes)'s Classic Muscle Cars.
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The IMS webmaster grew up in the Muscle car era in Metro Detroit. Various friends and associates since high school are   muscle car owners and enthusiasts, who have been rebuilding and collecting vintage Detroit Muscle Cars for over 40 years.

We love showing off vintage classic autos and Muscle Cars nationally at vintage car shows and local car cruises. We now offer buyer/seller services online with deluxe classifieds and auction services from these web pages. If your looking for the rarest brokered Muscle Cars in the world like a Camaro Z28 or Hemi powered Convertible we offer a vehicle locator service.

Our MBA members have both indoor and outdoor display areas. Their service bay mechanics perform top quality body off restorations featuring full engine rebuilding and a paint & body shop services. We also offer new and used speed performance parts and accessories, as well as timeless Musclecar memorabilia for sale fro affiliate merchants. Take a piece of the Woodward Dream Cruise, drive-in dating periods, and street drag racing trips with you from our giftshop! Just like taking a trip down memory lane to the good old 60's and 70's.

Don't just buy a car, buy a proven investment! Our Classic MuscleCar Ads showcase cars that  only go up in value year after year. You, the consumer, have the opportunity to gain equity and driving enjoyment by owning one of our American Muscle Car Classics. You can own one of these fine Classics for a low monthly payment to fit your budget using several of our MBA (MuscleCar Broker Alliance) members who offer financing plans and insurance for these valued collector autos. Collector Cars attract people from all walks of life and all of us share the common bond of appreciation for an old car that can still smoke all the current product cars at the stop light. Even President Clinton owns a collectible 1968 Mustang Convertible and Jay Leno has over 60 vintage Muscle and exotic sportscars in his garage for his personal driving enjoyment!

No matter who you are or what you do, if you are an old car enthusiast, you belong to a select group of people dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of collectible MotorCity high performance cars delivered off dealer showrooms ready to run at the local drag races or in the next classic car cruise.

Classic American muscle cars for sale here

Welcome to Motown Muscle Cars discussion forum dedicated to vintage Detroit Muscle cars owners. Our group caters to classic car collectors seeking to buy or sell their high performance vehicles via classified photo Ads or auction sites like eBay Motors or Post your photos or car club events here and send e-mail offers on cars for sale to the group   We are seeking car tips, hard to find parts, buying/selling information and your personal Muscle Car experiences. Completely OPT-IN we do not allow spamming this forum group. Nice features outlined below and YOU managed your involvement. Main page link

Muscle Car Definition:

Perhaps the most common question people have is what exactly is a muscle car. The term wasn't even used until the late 1970s, in the 1960s there were often called "Super Cars" if called anything at all. Therefore, the actual definition of a muscle car, or which models were muscle cars, is a topic that is often disputed. Here is the general interpretation of what is a muscle car and what cars qualify, and which don't.

Vehicle Muscle Car? Classification Notes
AMC AMX Yes Pony Car Even though it only has two seats, because it is based on the Javalin, it is a muscle car
AMC Javalin No Pony Car Only the AMX variation or big block V8s are considered muscle cars
Buick GS Yes Intermediate Muscle Car Based on Buick Skylark
Buick Riviera No Personal Luxury Car Too expensive and big
Buick Skylark (non-GS) No Intermediate Car Only GS versions are considered muscle cars
Buick Wildcat No Fullsize Car Too large
Chevrolet Camaro Yes Pony car Only SS and Z28 models are considered muscle cars
Chevrolet Chevelle SS Yes Intermediate Muscle Car Only SS versions are considered muscle cars
Chevrolet Chevelle (non-SS) No Intermediate Only SS versions are considered muscle cars
Chevrolet Corvette No Sports Car The two seats, fiberglass body, and high price make it a sports car.
Chevrolet Impala SS Yes Fullsize Muscle Car Only SS versions are considered muscle cars
Chevrolet Monte Carlo No Personal Luxury Too expensive
Chevrolet Nova Yes Compact Car Only SS versions are considered muscle cars
Chrysler 300 Letter Cars No Personal Luxury Way too expensive and luxurious
Dodge Challenger Yes Pony Car Only R/T versions are considered muscle cars
Dodge Charger Yes Intermediate Muscle Car Only R/T versions are considered muscle cars
Dodge Coronet Yes Fullsize Muscle Car Only R/T versions are considered muscle cars
Dodge Dart Yes Compact Only Darts with 383 or 440 engines are considered muscle cars
Dodge Daytona Yes Specialty Muscle Cars -
Dodge Super Bee Yes Intermediate Muscle Car -
Ford Fairlane / Torino GT/Cobra Yes Intermediate Muscle Car Only GT and Cobra models are considered muscle cars
Ford Galaxie Yes Fullsize muscle Only Galaxies with 390 engines or larger are considered muscle cars
Ford Mustang Yes Pony Car GTs, Mach 1's and Boss Mustangs are considered muscle cars
Mercury Comet / Cyclone Yes Intermediate Only GTs and Cyclones are considered muscle cars
Mercury Cougar Yes Pony Car Only GTs, Eliminators, and Boss engine models are considered muscle cars
Oldsmobile 442 Yes Intermediate Muscle Car -
Oldsmobile Cutlass No Intermediate Only 442 models are considered muscle cars
Plymouth Barracuda No Pony car Only 'Cuda models are considered muscle cars
Plymouth 'Cuda Yes Pony car 'Cudas with 340s are generally not considered muscle cars
Plymouth Duster Yes Compact Muscle Car Only Dusters with 340s are considered muscle cars
Plymouth GTX Yes Intermediate Muscle Car -
Plymouth Road Runner Yes Intermediate Muscle Car -
Plymouth Superbird Yes Specialty Muscle Car -
Pontiac Catalina 2+2 Yes Fullsize Muscle Car Only Catalinas with 400+ cid engines are considered muscle cars
Pontiac Firebird Yes Pony Car Only Firebirds with 400 cid engines are considered muscle cars
Pontiac Grand Prix No Personal Luxury Too expensive
Pontiac GTO Yes Intermediate Muscle Car The first true muscle car

Strict Definition of a Muscle Car: A muscle car, by the strictest definition, is an intermediate sized, performance oriented model, powered by a large V8 engine, at an affordable price. Most of these models were based on "regular" production vehicles. These vehicles are generally not considered muscle cars, even when equipped with large V8s. If there was a high performance version available, it gets the credit, and not the vehicle that it was based on. Examples: Buick GS, Chevrolete Chevelle SS, Dodge Charger R/T, Ford Torino/Cobra, Plymouth GTX, Plymouth Road Runner, Oldsmobile 442, Pontiac GTO

Fullsize Muscle Car: The strict definition only includes intermediate size vehicles. In reality, performance oriented intermediate size vehicles didn't appear until 1964. Before then, manufacturers took existing fullsize vehicles and added extra performance to them. Because of this, the early fullsize performance vehicles are generally considered muscle cars. Examples: Chevrolet Impala (SS only), Ford Galaxie (with 390 + cid engines only), Dodge Coronet (R/Ts only), etc.

Pony Cars and Compact Cars:In addition to fullsize and intermediate muscle cars, a number of smaller vehicles started appearing on the automotive performance scene. These new "pony cars" and compact cars are generally considered muscle cars only if they have the top of the line performance engines and options.... Examples: Chevrolet Camaro (SS and Z28 models only), Ford Mustang (GTs and Boss only), Plymouth 'Cudas (no Barracudas), AMC Javelin, etc.

Personal Luxury Cars and Luxury Cars: Although there were several personal luxury vehicles with performance engines and options, their heavy weight and high sticker prices went against the low cost performance definition of muscle cars. Therefore, they are not considered muscle cars. Examples: Buick Riviera, Chrysler 300 Letter Cars, Pontiac Grand Prix, etc.

Two Seat Sports Cars: Two seat sports cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette, AC Cobra427 and the Ford Thunderbird are not considered muscle cars due to their high price and specialty nature. The only exception is the AMC AMX as it was relatively cheap, and was based on the AMC Javalin pony car.

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FAQ #1 What is the WDC? The Woodward Dream Cruise (WDC) is the grass roots phenomenon that has grown into the world's largest one-day automotive event. On the third Saturday in August, it attracts more than 1.5 million people and 40,000 muscle cars, street rods, custom, collector and special interest vehicles. The cars cruise a legendary 16-mile strip called Woodward Avenue in one glorious, celebratory, homage to America's love affair with the automobile. Spectators line the streets and many family-oriented amusements and attractions provide entertainment and excitement. This year marks the 10th anniversary of this event. It takes places in the nine cities that line Woodward Avenue in suburban Detroit, Michigan. for more info

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\How about a vintage Dino Ferrari?  1970_american_motors_rebel is a rare collectable car Historic Chevy chevelle muscle cars for sale here

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Advice on buying and selling classic Muscle cars at auctions.

Our site has Free Classified Ads - Premier Muscle Car Ads -eBay auction tools

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clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
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