Image Marketing Services has been designing client web sites since 1996 Today, millions of people are 'online' offering instant access to those seeking information and products. These customers are affluent, sophisticated trendsetters-- they browse, peruse, compare, and buy... and control the corporate boardrooms. They respond to your online presence, and feel in control, as they navigate your Electronic Catalog or Cybershop, making informed purchasing decisions. The Internet has empowered them to change the way all businesses must address their customer base. We specialize in designing web based consumer marketing plans that sell or persuade. Our vehicle is the Web site and the fuel is our visions and passion. IMS creates Virtual Environments ..defined by ideas. Can we jump start your web business in the 21st Century with our proven web design team?

The staff at Image Marketing Services want to share our 30+ years of computer sales and service expertise and web design talents with those seeking a "Web Presence". We offer webpage designs, creative art work, Modeling, photography and Business promotion services along with complete webmaster hosting services that leverage the power of the Internet for ALL Types of small businesses. Our approach bypasses most of the initial costs associated with "going it alone" in cyberspace. Tap into our experience in personal computers, intranet servers, video and product model photography, business software, web advertising and experience launching Web projects since 1994.  Our Amazon Product Experts site outlines our personal services for those seeking to double their product sales at Amazon, and other eCommerce Marketplaces, by letting us enhance their customer facing content. Just let IMS produce better product photos and give your listings new titles and improved SEO friendly text descriptions. We recommend the Shopify Shopping cart eCatalog platform above all others as your online sales web shop builder.  It acts as the central hyub to expand listings to, and Amazon through special Listing application plug-ins. Next step is to allow your Shopify webshop to accept Amazon account payments and give customers free delivery to Amazon Prime customers. Click here to take advantage of the Shopify platform for your productline sales and let IMS build out your site once you have chosen a hosting plan. We can import from other cart platforms all your products and then work on better customer facing content and syndicate your listings to other eCommerce portals.

We offer to build your Web site with an exclusive "Weeks worth of passion" for a turnkey design/marketing cost of only $600.00. Your specific industry and competition are analyzed to come up with a "web enabling plan" that will set your site as the one your competition will want to mimic. In the process we often develop new Internet concepts like "Dynamic Generated Window Shopping showcases". We do all the content research and work with clients to make their site into a continuous revenue producing extension of their brick-n-mortar business. We understand the businesses we helped automate with their first computers, since the 1980's. Now we can automate them for the 21st Century with a web site and ebiz success plan.

IMS also offers turnkey PR campaigns, new business and grand opening photography for brochures and online promotions... Want to launch a new product, business, bar or restaurant? Let the gorgeous IMS models like Sammie help your new business or product get noticed... Here some PR and product photos for client Holdup Suspender Company helping sales of their thin/skinny suspenders for Gals and teens that get integrated into their IMS ecommerce web site!

Holdup-Suspender Company teen models having fun doing a wardrobe make-over at the snap of a clip
Take a look at the IMS Gorgeous teen model Sammie who does Tradeshows, PR events, Glamour Modeling and product branding photos and videos. Our client Holdup Suspender got a real boost in sales for Girls and Teen thin colorful suspenders... click for product page.. Call IMS for arranging 1/2 day for full day photo shoots using Samantha "Sammie" at reasonable rates including photographer and model handler & groomer. IMS now has models for Clothing and cothing accessory lines for sellers at Amazon and other online Marketplaces with white background editiing capabilities.

Our IMS model Sammie showing of a pair of Holdup Suspnders in a B&W checkered pattern

 Simple Steps to get your IMS photos: Just Send us your products ( include retail packaging ) to photograph with multiple views. We then remove the backgrounds using post product photo editing tools and size the images for meeting all the requirements for the most popular online marketplaces like Amazon.  Our price per photo cannot be matched by other product photography services and then let us show you how to launch and expose your unique products to the buyers on these online marketplaces. We edit white background photos to brand your product photos with logos and unique selling value text descriptions upon request if permitted by your marketplace image rules.  Tap into our Amazon product marketplace expertise and make your bank account grow month after month leveraging your investment in professional product photos. 50% Discount is available if we don''t have to return the products after the photo shoots as we donate those products to local charity sales outlets giving you some free customer exposure. You need these professional product photos and Amazon marketplace satellite incremental sales to grow your retail business in the 21st century.

  1. Send us your products so we can professionally photograph them and remove the backgrounds to meet  Amazon marketplace image requirements on quality, pure white backgrounds and optimal display sizing. 
  2. Provide the product descriptive copy, SEO search terms, multiple view photos and complete the entire Amazon product listing administration services to immediately begin selling after your seller account is verified and active.
  3. Submit your product detail pages to Google and Bing for free keyword listings and traffic. Then show you how to leverage Amazon, Overstock and mass spending on Adwords and Bing/Google product shopping Ads that drive buyers to your products displayed now in their highly visited eCatalogs.

Why are product images and creative descriptions so important to making your online sales grow?
As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, one area that still seems to be problematic for many online sellers is product image quality and making the images pop with pure white backgrounds. Unlike with physical stores, online customers’ sole method of evaluating a product for purchase is through your product images. Good quality images transmit professionalism, reliability and are statistically proven to increase sales.... Now all the online marketplaces want zoomable images with white backgrounds designed to sell millions of products. 
 INVEST IN GREAT PRODUCT PHOTOS that sell from the Amazon Product Experts professional product photo team and watch your profits grow month after month! You might also consider revising your product listing descriptions and use our expertise in getting your products displayed for sale in Multiple online high traffic Marketplaces.

Purchase blocks of Product Photos using Secure PayPal Checkout

You can buy IMS Professional product photos in QTY. blocks with a minimum quantity of 5 photos. Our Normal low price is $20 per photo including all post product editing and sizing to your specifications in web friendly .JPG format is now reduced by 50%. You choose the No Return option via the PayPal payment form below and immediately get a 50% ($10 per photo) discount on blocks of photos shown below. We donate the items to a local Non-Profit Charity Gift shop. The $10.00 price per enhanced photo is a real bargain for these professionally shot and edited photos that will continue to sell your product for years to come. Call (586) 244-8144 or (586) 498-2346 to discuss discount pricing for a larger number of photos, where the merchant has many products to list on their website E-catalog or at an online marketplace like

Complete Marketplace Listing and eCatalog maintenance services are done on a negotiated agreement bases. Call for ecommerce consulting and full listing placement service pricing using our creative description and SEO content writing expert for those who have a proven "Passion for their Productline". ($25.00 per enhanced listing)  Get pure white background professional high resolution product photos in multiple views at 50% off  nornal price of $20/photo. Sale section photo package pull-down to order $10 photos using the secure PayPal payment system. The "add to Cart" button will direct you to PayPal order page to pay by Credit/Debit card or your Paypal account balance during this special sale! 

Now is your chance to get professionally shot high resolution copyright royalty free product photos edited to have a pure white background for the low low price of $10.00 per photo. Image Marketing Services (IMS) would like to give you a chance to enhance your online sales with product photos designed to sell! Order a quantity photo bundle below and try out our high quality white background photo service on some of your key products. You can also call 1 586 498-2346 and talk to IMS staff about improving your customer facing content to double your sales including updating your product photos. The below order form pricing assumes IMS doesn't return the products to seller and donates them to charity outlets.
$10 Product Photo Bundles

Purchase blocks of photos above and then ship the products to be professionally photographed to Image Marketing Services, 22602 Raven Ave, Eastpointe,MI 48021-2688. Enclose a note on any special size and image format requirements for the finished photos we are to shoot. Specify any of the Major Marketplaces like Amazon or E-catalog/Shopping carts where the finished images will be used. Normally they will be in a compressed high resolution .jpg format and we post the finished edited images for you on a Cloud Storage site for preview and approval. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we will reshoot any product images if need be. If you want to discuss your listing makeover or photo shoot project prior to ordering and shipping the products just Call (586) 498-2346 for details

Taking Product photos designed to sell in online marketplaces are a IMS service with guaranteed profitable results.

Gallery of Professional Product shots like this running shoe sold at
Product photos for Amazon need multiple views to give the shopper product details from all sides.

Sample Professional Product Photos that have been through our IMS post production process where we crop the images and remove the grayish background and shadows you get when shooting products on a white fiberboard surface. IMS Studio lighting is adjusted to get the right natural color and reflective balance to highlight features in your desktop sized product from multiple angles. Click on photos to see enlarged view. We size the images to the requirements to Amazon or other Marketplace sites preferred specifications for zoom or enlargement features. ( Amazon shots usually look, zoom and work best at a 1500 pixel width )

You can request a web site or modeling quotation from Image Marketing Services... by clicking the below link and leaving a brief web-work service request, modeling event dates, and your contact information....

E-mailIMS -expertise for all your web projects at a price you can affordNow

Call 586-498-2346 and talk to Image Marketing Services Mgr & web product and fashion Photographer

Image Marketing Services provided web design, photography and modeling services for large and small business clients in the Detroit area.

Can you hear IMS model Sammie as she posed in her burgundy Holdup Suspenders Hot pink coctail dress worn ny Detroit Model Sammie

Click on images to enlarge model images

IMS Tradeshow model Samantha ( Sammie ) is a high demand model for photo shoots and bisiness PR campaigns Model Sammie shows off these USA made Holdup Suspenders in a 2011 catalog photo session Sammie and IMS modeling expert Diana Ciofu on a Restraunt  PR photo shoot in St Clair Shores MI

IMS models are hired out at hourly rate, and/or Half day/full day rate for modeling shoots and Tradeshows. 

E-commerce consulting from IMS


Image Marketing Services has experienced graphics designers for site makeovers.IMS will make its mark in the online community with our no rip offs guarantee! When it comes to representing your company on the internet can you really trust the work to amateurs??  "IMS lowers web site development costs right upfront." Let us hear about your views, or better yet, let us get your feet wet marketing your product, company or ideas to fellow web surfers. Nowhere else can you get all these services, packaged into one unified "Web Presence" package at such a bargain basement price. IMS -getting the job done - one site at a time!!, Domain Names and Hosting

Small Dotster Logo Leveraging a strong market position within the domain name registration industry IMS uses the Dotster Registrar service.  Dotster has carefully nurtured relationships with its customer base and built a feature-rich line of value-added services around its core domain name product offering. By bundling services and providing one-stop shopping, Free shopping carts , blog and forum scripts and the famous Weebly drag and drop site builder...@

  Dotster Eco-Friendly Web Hosting, Domain Names and Hosting

Top Dotser Deals:  Click these link for web hosting and domain deals.. FREE domain at w/ every Dotster hosting plan Enter Coupon Code 'FREEDOM9" .. Find a great domain for a great price at for only $9.95/yr.  At, our mission is to provide a range of innovative, reliable and easy-to-use Internet solutions to our customers and to support them with unprecedented, personalized support. .. Save 20% on when you spend $40 for any Hosting or Domain purchase!, Domain Names and Hosting

Image Marketing Services recommends Dotster Hosting for their cPanel, free hosting scripts, plus site builder features and support.. See the best Hosting deals at click link!, Domain Names and Hosting, Domain Names, Domains, Hosting

One low annual flat fee for hundreds of Premium Website building Templates - Click Here!

DreamTemplate - Web Templates
Premium Web Templates - over $1million worth of Web and MS Office templates for instant download!

Let IMS establish your storefront or virtual office with all the traffic you can handle, right here at get-in2's community and our Internet -Phase II site- Remember- all electronic commerce orders are pre-paid, and the profits and additional volume can help augement your total bottom line. As thousands of organizations and millions of consumers migrate to the INTERNET, tapping its' potential as a communication tool, they are quickly making it a viable marketplace for your products and services. Our core values, expertise and commitment to each project will assure you that your first exposure to IMS services will be a successful and rewarding experience. We now offer low cost  "InstaSHOP" factory outlets that are generated & edited right from your browser so you too can have your products listed here at get-in2 and throughout the internet. "Enough about us... let's hear about you."E-mail our IMS webmaster your requirements and for site design feedback or get a complete storefront quote.

IMS has used Web hosting by pair Networks for over 10 years without failure for 20 clients. This is one reliable hosting company and all my own personal sites are hosted.

"Anyone can make a dollar, it is when you make sense that it starts to add up."...does your eBiz plan make sense? Sample IMS sites shown below.

Captain Kool Ice Cream has curbside sales of novelty Ice Creams to Metro Detroit neighbohoods for 30 years.

CK Corporation in Centerline Michigan operates a fleet of  Metro Detroit Neighborhood Ice Cream route trucks since 1976. The IMS developed web site showcases their Captain Kool Novelty Ice Creams and services. These include wholesale priced counter sales to the general public, Independent Ice Cream Truck owners, and convenience store owners on over 70 different selections of major brand Ice Cream bars, popsicles, frozen desert cups and Dry Ice. They offer free Ice Cream carts and daily Ice Cream Truck rentals for all types of Ice Cream parties and social events. They distribute major brands including Wells BlueBunny, Northstar, Rich's Ice Creams, while speading Good Humor in 20 Detroit area cities.

Take as an example of  low cost web project that portrays the services of a local small business. These fine folks got 6 Metro Detroit granite countertop jobs within 10 days of IMS launching their first web site. Web Sites have to have a purpose beyond just advertising. For $500.00 total cost these businesses will continue to thrive on internet traffic.

Artwork, customer facing sales content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes get keyword search listings. We also maximize key Industrial directories and Google placement PPC Ads as part of every IMS web site project. E-mail our IMS webmaster to get a site working for you 24/7 for just a $350 price tag. Corporate presence sites bring new business in today's connected world.

Sites developed and maintained by IMS webmaster Mike Hyland include... and their partner selling used industrial stamping presses

Welcome to a site devoted to buying and selling used industrial plant machinery
Used Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses and Industrial Plant Production Equipment

View the Used industrial presses and plant equipment at  listing video  RECONDITIONED 1000 TON BLISS SSDC POWER PRESS


Corporate "Presence" to E-commerce sites all with a unique look rather than the cookie cutter approach used by today's web site builders.

Call us to arrange a free onsite hearing test at your location

Industrial Paramedical Services has been providing complete Multi-Phasic Mobile health testing services to hundreds of Midwestern facilities since 1975. We specialize in bringingWe bring hearing test right to your factory door. certified hearing tests for your employees to your parking lot with patented audiogram recording reports meeting all OSHA requirements. Our clients include major manufacturers in the automotive, utilities, food and beverage, construction, petroleum, aero-space, airport and metal fabricating fields. Basically we have hearing tests to-go for those businesses who expose their employees and sub-contractors to excessive hearing loss noise levels. Visit our site and schedule a free on-site Mobile Hearing Test lab tour and audiogram.

Our exclusive designed 8 year audiogram record chart can be easily folded into a quick visual aid in educating your employee to how well they are protecting their hearing. Subjecting your employees to noise sources that can cause permanent hearing loss is a serious safety hazard. Early detection of hearing loss can alert both parties to the need for using better hearing protection devices like ear plugs and ear noise mufflers. This site is dedicated to showcasing our uncompromising commitment to scheduling low cost hearing  and pulmonary functioning  test right from our state of the art mobile lab vans.

IMS just completed 2 new sites for Holdup Suspenders to increase their search engine exposure. One is and the other is for their new Patented Sloops™ blue jeans made specifically to fit suspender wearers.

Holdup Sheet straps called Stay-Downs sell for only 19.95 in in two set sizes.

Leave it to Holdup Suspender Company's founder to build a better sheet suspender, fitted sheet fasteners or crib sheet strap, to cure the common problem of fitted bed sheets coming loose as you toss & turn in bed. Holdup's bedding suspender are called a Sheet Stay-Downs™ and is sold in two lengths and attachment styles. Both feature our Patented composite plastic Gripper Clasp? and USA made soft elastic strap with a Velcro Type smooth length and tension adjustment system (Patent pending) . This patent pending sheet strap works to prevent Crib Deaths ( SIDS Stoppers) by simply securing fitted crib sheets and wetness barriers to keep infants from suffocating. All USA made inventions to help out Mom's will be explained and sold here...

The DUO (2 per pack) are longer bedding Stay-Down mattress suspenders adjustable to fit diagonally across any twin to king sized mattress... no matter the thickness. The other style is the Quad (4 per pack) Stay-Downs made to attach at the corners of your bed, that adjusts at either end using the Velcro type adjustment strip feature. Easy to use with sheets, pillow or feather bed tops, or mattress covers. All will be tightly held in place without harming any delicate fabric... unlike our competitor's inferior clips. Browse the below interactive slideshow and purchase both bedding suspender styles below for $19.95/kit.  We guarantee these are the finest sheet straps, sheet suspenders, elastic sheet garters, or sheet holders you can buy and back this up with a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back offer...

Click here for Sheet Stay-Downs crisscross straps and sheet corner straps by Holdup Suspender Company Detail order page
Click on below Stay-Down
 images to view detail of our Patented Crib sheet straps


4 pack QUAD Sheet Stay-Downs are designed to hold across the corners of any size fitted sheet Detail view of the elastic sheet suspenders made to fit across the corners of any bed size fitted sheet or mattress cover. Velcro type length and tension adjustment system is built rigth into the Stay-Down bedding straps  Here are some simple to follow instructions on the Quad Sheet straps made in the USA by the Holdup Suspender Company Patented Gripper Clasp flips open and then clamps shut holding tight, without harm, even the finest sheet material

Jump to these featured must have featured innovative products.. Stay-Downs Crib Fitted Sheet straps + Maternity hidden Undergarment Suspenders Under-Ups? + Hang-Up suspender hanger closet organizer...


The only manufacturer of men's suspenders with the patented "NO SLIP CLIP".

Take a closeup look at our Double-UPs Collage pattern suspenders   Click here to see an overview of all 4 styles of Double-Ups suspenders   Large view of our Double-Ups American Flag Suspenders
Double-Up Styles sell for $10.00 more than single clip series Holdup suspenders

DU-Ocean Blue
Casual suspenders in Ocean Blue color -detailed page
DU-Hunter Green
Holdup's Hunter Green suspenders -detailed page
Merlot color suspender -detailed page
DU -Slate Grey
Click for details on the new Slate Gray Double-Ups.
DU- Denim
All new Blue Denim double-Up series suspenders
DU-Fire Engine Red
see the details on the FIRE ENGINE RED suspender
DU-White Lightning
Click for detailed page on the White Lightning suspenders
DU-Silver Fox
The casual suspenders in SILVER FOX color -detailed page
DU-Black Pack
Detail page for the "Black Pack "colored patented suspender

DU-Sand Dunes
Detail page for the Sand Dunes colored Double-Up suspenders

DU-Java brown
Java colored Double-Up suspenders

DU-Lemon Zest
The Lemon Zest colored mens Double-Up suspenders -detail page

Holdup Exclusive Leather Suspenders... 4 styles of Brown or Black leather USA made suspenders with brass length adjusters, patented no-slip clips, comfort elastic back strap.

Shop securely at and save!


Hip-Clip, or Side Clip suspenders, attach to pants, or shorts, with just 2 patented no-slip clips. We now have these Trucker Style Hip-Clip™ "under your shirt" suspenders with either Plastic Gripper Clasps or Metal no-slip clips for only $19.95. We even have them in a super-soft Maternity Holdup Style for only $18.95

IMS just completed 2 new sites for Holdup Suspenders to increase their search engine exposure. One is and the other is for their new Patented suspenders and even Fitted sheet straps called Stay-Downs™ that are USA made sheet suspenders. (works with Crib Sheets too)

Casual Series Holdups have choice of Y or X-backs and Silver or Gold clips

Holdup Sheet straps and mattress suspenders called Stay-Downs sell for only 19.95 in 2 sizes.
New Sheet straps and Mattress suspenders that really Holdup to daily use...

$15 Thinner Teen suspenders | Biker Suspenders | Jacquard Pattern suspenders | Sloops™ comfort Jeans and Casual slacks | 2" Wide Camouflage Suspenders | Formal Tuxedo Suspenders

The Band ANI - Metro Detroit's premier top 40 band - showcases the talented voice of Ani Patterson. She love's snapping on her narrow Holdup Glitter suspenders, and other narrow colorful suspender choices for gals, and making the crowds cheer on her band and Vegas showgirl figure. Check out the Ani band photo gallery and videos or buy some Holdup skinny Glitter suspenders and mimic her style... Join Beyonce Knowles, Lindsay Lohan,and Celine Dion who also love wearing our stylish suspenders...

"With webmaster designs by IMS, and etailer consulting by Mike Hyland , our niche' product web site converts more sales per unique visitor then any other site on the Internet for the last 5 years  ...Sal Herman Holdup Suspender President.

IMS creates satellite sales sites optomized for search engine listings and shopping carts for increasing any merchants online sales and conversion ratios.... see client sample sites above.

get-in2 -Worlds most complete shopping community with over 5 million products

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Our mission: Offer True value at the end of every click rather then wasting your efforts on general search engines. Checkout the new Mini-storefront e-catalogs above that save you time & money!

Taking Product photos designed to sell in online marketplaces are a IMS service with guaranteed profitable results.

Gallery of Professional Product shots like this running shoe sold at
Product photos for Amazon need multiple views to give the shopper product details from all sides.
At our Product Photography service goes well beyond our competitors, as we strive make product photos designed to sell. Yes we remove the backgrounds and resize your images giving your product photos a pure white background and optimum zooming image size as required by Amazon and other online retail Marketplaces...


Simple STEPS to allow us to photograph your desktop sized products. Call (586) 498-2346 for product session photo details...
  1. Ship your retail packaged products to IMS photo studio at 22900 Pleasant, St Clair Shores, Mi, 48080
  2. Tell us the Marketplaces you wish the photos to be used on and we will size them for maximum quality for thumbnail and enlarged (zoomed) display. Most Marketplaces like Amazon require a 1001 to 1500 pixel width and pure white background on main images with up to 8 product views. ( you choose # of product views and if you want a photo of the retail packaged product )
  3. We do all the studio lighting and post photo editing on each product. We then post the .jpg formatted images online for your approval... and instant downloading. Optionally, at extra cost, we can provide images on a Thumbnail hard disk in multiple image formats for print catalogs and flyers. Click here for IMS product photo services details and to view Amazon success stories using our images.

Pricing for IMS Product Photography Services:

Products destined for Amazon pass through the IMS home based studio almost every day. Clean, clear, and crisp photos of your products, delivered quickly and at affordable rates are a must. An essential part of creating a successful product photograph involves capturing a sharp image where the product’s details, unique selling points are visible and legible. The product image should convey subtleties and textures and maintain color fidelity so the buyers gets what he sees. No surprises in your IMS edited product photos as we pay close attention to lighting, color management and other technical considerations to insure superior product photographs to captivate online shoppers. 

You’re trying to build a world-class product reputation and Amazon market share for your product, so hire a pro. You didn’t skimp on engineering or cut corners with components, packaging, so why skimp on what the customer will see and base their purchase decision upon? Image Marketing Services makes images that sell year after year once your Amazon product listing is finished in their Seller Admin section... period!

Image Marketing Services takes professional Amazon and EBay prodcut phots for clients and posts them for immediate sales impact.

Shop get-in2's 2 Cybermalls with over 5 million discounted name brand products

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