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Decorating Your Home, Kitchen, patio or Office was never easier? Shop these hand selected merchants for any room in your house. Deals from Overstock, Boscov's, and American Blind & Wallpaper shown here.

Easily drill down through Overstock's home decor sub-categories and see the great everyday bargains this merchant offers our savvy shoppers. Click on any product to see more details and purchase from the merchant's shopping cart page. Choose "shopping" to return to main menu choices in this digitial window shopping showcase. Type in furniture, lamps, and types of appliances in search box to display those choices.

Get-in2's Top Name Brand discounter is OverStock.com. Great prices -#1 in after sales service and low freight fees ...all just got BETTER. They are now offering the Ultimate in a online wholesale Buyers club making Sam's Club and Cosco memberships obsolete. No tricks -no spam and no way even coupons or rebates can match the Club-O savings. Every one of their 250,000 products display the immediate Club-O savings, so fill up your shopping cart today. OverStock = Guaranteed lowest Price -FREE or low freight charges- 30 day satisfaction warranty - Easy return policy -Never a back order -Name Brands items only -great customer support ... ands great pricing.

Holdup Sheet straps and mattress suspenders called Stay-Downs sell for only 19.95 in 2 sizes.
New Sheet straps and Mattress suspenders that really Holdup to daily use...

Leave it to Holdup Suspender Company's founder to build a better sheet suspender, or sheet strap, to cure the common problem of fitted bed sheets coming loose as you toss & turn in bed. Holdup's bedding suspender are called a Sheet Stay-Downs™ and is sold in two lengths and attachment styles. Both feature our Patented composite plastic Gripper Clasp? and USA made soft elastic strap with a Velcro Type smooth length and tension adjustment system (Patent pending). This patent pending sheet strap works to prevent Crib Deaths ( SIDS Stoppers) by simply securing fitted crib sheets and wetness barriers to keep infants from suffocating. All USA made inventions to help out Mom's will be explained and sold here... FEATURED PRODUCT AT WWW.MomAids.com

The DUO (2 per pack) are longer bedding Stay-Down mattress suspenders adjustable to fit diagonally across any twin to king sized mattress... no matter the thickness. The other style is the Quad (4 per pack) Stay-Downs made to attach at the corners of your bed, that adjusts at either end using the Velcro type adjustment strip feature. Easy to use with sheets, pillow or feather bed tops, or mattress covers. All will be tightly held in place without harming any delicate fabric... unlike our competitor's inferior clips. Browse the below interactive slideshow and purchase both bedding suspender styles below for $19.95/kit.  We guarantee these are the finest sheet straps, sheet suspenders, elastic sheet garters, or sheet holders you can buy and back this up with a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back offer...

Click here for Sheet Stay-Downs crisscross straps and sheet corner straps by Holdup Suspender Company Detail order page

Give the gift of comfort to expectant moms. We carry unique normal size, or Plus-size Maternity super soft Holdup Suspenders with either metal no-slip clips, or the new plastic gripper clasps. These make the perfect baby shower gift for all expectant Moms regardless of their stage of pregnancy or size. Now you can comfortably wear regular loose fitting secondhand thriftshop jeans under a maternity blouse or T-shirt for the first 7 months and save money...

Ared you tired of always having to hike up your maternity pants? Introducing Maternity Under-Ups .. the most comfortable way to Holdup your maternity pants, shorts and skirts with a super soft revolutionary undergarment suspender made to holdup your pants comfortably during all stages of pregnancy. Introductory price is only $18.95 and you get 30 day money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Finally a maternity suspender worn under loose fitting blouses that keeps your pants,shirts and shorts from sagging

Holdup Suspender Company introduces patented Under-Ups a maternity suspender made to wear under a loose fitting maternity blouse.

 Similar to the elastic fabric used in a THICK ACE Bandage, these super flexible tan maternity suspenders were made to wear next to your skin. Try them out with maternity shorts, low or hi-rise jeans, casual or dress pants and skirts. It takes just seconds to release the 2 patented suspender clips from your waistband for those no hassle frequent bathroom trips. Another suspender style innovation in the fashion accessory industry from Holdup Suspender Company.

Authentic Hawaiian Gifts and Tiki Art on sale now

Tikimaster.com the ultimate "One-Stop-Tiki Shop" for authentic Hawaii hand made Tiki Products, Tiki outdoor bars, KoaTikimaster.com outrigger paddles and Hawaiian Island Lifestyle Decor! As one of Hawaii's finest manufacturer and online gift catalog companies, we offer a large selection of products such as: Tikis, Tiki masks, Koa art works, Polynesian art treasures, tropical  and Nautical decor items, pirate skull and bones accessories and wall decor, island lifestyle products and more... We have Tiki carvers throughout Hawaii and the different areas of the Pacific who carve tiki statues, hula skirts and Tiki gods, tiki totems and masks. We fabricate koa canoe paddles and make other Hawaiian hand made crafts. Our tiki sculptures are all quality woodcarvings, each piece is hand carved and hand rubbed to give a beautiful finish. All finishing and quality control is done in Kailua, Hawaii and shipped daily at reasonable rates.

Tikimaster.com .. Tikimaster.com .. Tikimaster.com

Decorating Your livingroom, Kitchen, bedroom, patio or Office was never easier? Shop these hand selected categories from a leader in blinds,drapes and hone accessories at American Blind & Wallpaper Co. American Blind and Wallpaper Factory

get-in2 highly Recommends American Blink & wallpaper Company for all your home decor needs.

Our super value collections provides unbeatable value for sensible decorating solutions. Take a look inside...American Blind and Wallpaper Factory Our website has all the home decorating products your customers are looking for, including blinds, wallpaper, curtains and draperies, area rugs, custom framed art, lighting, home accents, even interior and exterior paint! Plus, these fantastic savings are backed by our 100% satisfaction and low pricing guarantee....Kids' Rugs | Home Accents | Dining Accessories | Decorating & Design Books | Curtains, Bedding, and Hardware | Blind selection guide | Mini Blinds, Wood Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Cellular and Pleated Shades, Roller Shades, Shutters, Curtains, and more!


About ImageKind... ImageKind is the product of both online and offline expertise in promoting artists sales venues. Two long time friends based in Seattle Washington started a small incubation company called Curious Office with a goal to develop innovative new online platforms for buying and selling real original artwork. If anything, the web is an incredible medium for both online purchasing and social clustering for those with artistic tastes. Art has been the language of humanity since the beginning of time and we felt that a new approach to art sharing and shopping made sense. Buy high quality framed wall art at www.ImageKind.com and have it custome framed to your own tastes.

We realize that customers have other choices for online art and our goal was to develop a fresh new online experience that allowed both consumers and professional artists a new outlet for sharing, creating and buying actual wall art from digital files. We already knew that most consumers were getting used to the idea of purchasing online photo prints which originated from digital camera files, but it was much less obvious that both consumers and artists could also use an online system for production AND sales of enduring wall art in the same way. Make your Masterpiece - Turn your photos and digital art into high quality framed wall art at www.ImageKind.com  The goal is to create the nation’s largest online art and framing outlet for personal art collections, photos and investment quality limited edition artwork from the skilled moden day artist and old masters.

Try the CSN niche storefronts for a variety of products. All prices are very competitive and they delivery right on time.

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CSN Library Furniture - Low Prices On An Incredible Variety of Furniture for Your Library. Free Ground Shipping and No Sales Tax!

Boscov's Department Store - Shop for Her *** Boscov's Department Stores

get-in2 is so thrilled by Boscov's Department Store's selection in Collectables -housewares -Men's and ladies apparel -electronics -jewelry and toys we have created a special storefront where our savvy shoppers can browse their entire e-catalog from a single page before wasting time on clicks. Daily specials and all coupon offers are automatically updated 24/7. Click here for Boscov's Storefront and see why they deserve the extra attention at get-in2's Home Accessories Shop.

Lantana (Lantana Camara)

Price: 49.95

Artificial -15" Pine Tree

Price: 59.95

Juniper - 8" - Preserved Tree

Price: 50.00

Coast - 15"

Price: 175.00

Windswept - 30"

Price: 295.00

Monterey - 20"

Price: 259.00

Okinawa Holly - Small (malphigia coccigera )

Price: 29.95

Pyracantha Firethorn - Exposed Roots (Coccinea (Lalandii˜)

Price: 129.95

Surinam Cherry - Large (eugenia uniflora)

Price: 69.95

Japanese Wisteria (wisteria floribunda)

Price: 59.95

Jaboticaba - Large (eugenia cauliflora)

Price: 65.95

Flowering Plum - Extra Large (carissa macrocarpa)

Price: 79.95

Want a really rewarding hobby? Practiced for centuries in China and Japan, bonsai is the reproduction of natural tree forms in miniature. Bonsai trees are living miniature trees which increase in beauty and value as they mature over the years. Get into Bonzai trees for some really dramatic patio or unique LIVING home and garden decorations. Believe me it is a unique rewarding hobby that will awaken your life.

get-in2's top discounter and #1 destination shopping site on the internet has listened to me an offer live Bonsai Trees and flower arrangements and pants. Superior customer service is what makes them bury their online competition. Your Trees- plants or flowers are guaranteed to arrive alive in special containers ...or your get a FREE replacement. Pricing as normal is the lowest found anywhere. While your at Overstock their garden tools, handmade Worldstock artisen plant display stands are priced below other sources!

Bonsai Boy

"Bonsai Trees Can Be A Treasure Forever !" ...... Bonsai Boys of NY is the largest suppliers of Bonsai Trees and supplies on the internet offering hundreds of items at low  prices. We offer a variety of bonsai, including junipers, Azalea, Rosemary, Brush Cherry, New Zealand Tea Rose, Citrus Trees, Snow Rose Serissa, and much more. Bonsai Boy's unique trees and fountains range in price from under $25.00 and specials on books -tools and pots add to the mix. Click here to learn more at our Bonsai resource center.

Shopping for books -Music Cds -home electronics and computers is easy on your feet and budget at get-in2's CyberMall

Looking for great prices on home furnishings? An elegant and eclectic mix of materials and finishes characterize the wonderful assortment of our accent furniture. We have a giant selection of accent furniture, hall trees, entry benches, accent tables, foyer furniture and more. Everything Furniture has free freight specials and everyday deals on all home and office furnishings. Take a look at thse items on sale now! We have a wide variety of bedroom furniture, bedroom sets, collections, metal beds, daybeds, canopy beds, headboards and wrap beds below. All beds have frames available, and daybeds have link springs listed with the beds. Entry ways make a first and lasting impression on house guests. Hall Tree, Entry Bench, Foyer Furniture, call it what you want, but it sure adds personality to any entry way. Add some charm and decoration to your entry way with our entry way furniture. Hall trees are also great for hanging those winter coats and storing those boots too! Foyer Furniture sure adds personality to any entry way. Add some charm and decoration to your entry way with our entry way furniture.

Perfect Pigment by Christina Cosmetics Perfect Pigment by Christina Cosmetics

Perfect Pigment by Christina Cosmetics Click here for the... Perfect Pigment Compact kit by Christina Cosmetics

Christina Sullivan has a world-renowned reputation as a hairstylist and makeup artist who has worked with hundreds of celebrities, producers, directors, musicians, and super models. Christina discovered that ninety percent of women, of all ages, simply could not apply their own makeup correctly. When asked about this they complained that makeup was too complicated and overwhelming! Sadly, most women did not duplicate their makeovers at home, no matter how much instruction they were given. Christina was determined to find a solution.

The answer came purely by mistake when Christina began to paint with oils. As she attempted to paint a portrait she discovered that only a single flesh tone was available. The paint did not have any depth or dimension that even closely resembled human skin. She realized this was the same problem all women have with liquid foundations. She pondered this problem and wondered how to duplicate the same depth and dimension she achieved with makeup onto the canvas. In that moment the idea of Perfect Pigment mineral makeup was born. A lab sample was made and it worked perfectly. Therein the product was aptly named ... Perfect Pigment Compact kit by Christina Cosmetics See the Great makeup tip videos for this time saver.

Pampermyskin.com is an award winner beauty and skin care site for a more beautiful you!gal4.jpg (8393 bytes)

Click here to see a site devoted to skin care and a more beautiful you!

revaleskin-promo.gif (21152 bytes) The Cofeeberry component of Revaleskin has been proven to be natures most powerful free radical scavenger. RevaleSkin's CoffeeBerry™ scored higher then any known natural anti-oxidant ingredient used in all competing anti-aging creams by independent test labs studies. All studies also showed that the REVALESKIN daily application regime reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, without any adverse events or allergic reactions. Risk Free trial as all PamperMySkin products carry a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee!
RevaleSkin Night Cream 1.7 fl oz (50 ml) $110 with FREE SHIPPING icon

RevaleSkin Night Cream 1.7 fl oz (50 ml) $110 with FREE SHIPPING icon

 Night Cream FEATURES: Revitalize your skin while you sleep... The perfect compliment to RevaleSkin Day Cream, this clinically proven Night Cream with 1% Coffeeberry is formulated with natural antioxidant extracts to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin throughout the night. The Revaleskin night cream retails for $110 and discount prices average $79 for the full 1.7 fluid oz. (50mL) boxed product.

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