EcomCity fees for hosting servicesImage Marketing Services offers some of the lowest fees of any Graphics design firms.

Web Work, Hosting and ART FEES

All visual media projects have sponsorship costs. Website design is no exception ! All the underlying structure of text, graphics, navigation aids, blending throughout with artistic touches, has to convey your message to a specific audience. Professionals - not amateurs - are best suited for this task. Hire the IMS -Web pro'se to web enable your company.

All Art/graphics and IMS web site programming work is quoted on a $35.00 per hour basis.

Flat fee projects are negotiated as a collaborative effort with our web team. Please e-mail your requirements and budget to see if we can undertake the project. For a price quote and to begin a web site building project just contact the IMS Webmaster

You can request a web site or modeling quotation from Image Marketing Services... by clicking the below link and leaving a brief web-work service request, modeling event dates, and your contact information....
E-mailIMS -expertise for all your web projects at a price you can affordNow

Call 586-244-8144 and talk to IMS Modeling Mgr & Photographer
Additional IMS services offered to Metro Detroit Michigan area residents and small businesses:

IMS webmaster

Promote Your Page Too


 IMS modeling services include photographer and models for product and business launches with online promotions, blogs, videos and Facebook exposure.... Models can travel for location shoots. Fashions and accessories or retail products are photographed with an IMS model and posted in a online Gallery for client download and publicity exposure...

Personal and small business Computer Repairs, upgrades and wholesale purchasing services. All our clients, and their employees, purchase systems and peripherals from IMS sources to tap into our computer maintenance services. We have installed and maintain over 5,000 systems for all types of small businesses since the 80's.


Removal of all Spyware/Adware and computer viruses that plague 90% of all computers worldwide. We also install business and personal software packages and train our clients in all the basics necessary to take the mystery out of computers.


Logo design, digital camera shots of ecatalog items, shopping cart hosting, ecatalog and site maintenance services. We also manage search engine marketing campaigns for clients on Google Adwords and Bing pay per click with satellite sales landing pages....

You can afford adding a pretty face and smile to your product line.

Get your own .Com .Net .Org domain name for only 14.95 per year!!
Dotster $14.95 Domain Name Registration ...

IMS webmaster seal of approval: With nearly three million domains,   is one of the world's largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrars. Launched in 2000, Dotster was among the first to offer discounted pricing. Doster full service $14.95/yr domain registration fee is lower than many lesser known domain registrars. IMS hosts many client sites for years at Dotster and highly recommends them as a trusted domain seller and low cost hosting provider.

Dotster gives their customers something worth clicking for: Our domain registrations include free URL forwarding, free domain parking, free SpamShield, free TransferLock, and free ownership transfers. Customers can also add features like WHOIS privacy, e-mail services, web hosting, DNS certificates, and more.  We are well known for our ability to deliver hard-to-find domain names and unique domain extensions such as .MD. They treat customers like family, and offer superior online account management tools and dedicated support from our customer care team in Washington state.


"Vision without action is just a day dream...
Action without vision can be a nightmare"
Combine the two and you have the makings of a profitable reality!

IMS has designed and launced over 200 web sites since 1996

to keep the costs down !!

Plan your theme, purpose and target audience.

Furnish IMS webmaster with company logos, brochures, color schemes-

Communicate with our design team throughout the development cycle-

Provide the text content & company - product - staff - photos/info sheets. Building out an e-catalog take a lot of coordinated work from both the site designers staff and the client employees charged with administering the shopping cart and catalog after the initial web site launch.

IMS sponsors the EZ commerce storefront solution here!
Today, goEmerchant provides more than a mere storefront from which merchants can sell their goods and services on-line. The "Ecommerce Total Package" is a complete Internet sales and followup marketing solution -- unlike any other offered on the web.With the introduction of the "EZcommerce Package" goEMerchant created a product which levels the playing field for online sales by servicing both techno-savvy and techno-phobic business an affordable price. Click on the above banner and see how this web storefront can enable your web dreams. I just love the automatic e-mail product flyers that accesses the customer file for post sales followup.

IMS animations and fine artEcomCity fees for hosting services

Graphic Art services and FEEs:

Animations (flowing text & art logos and banners) typically $40.00 ea.
Photo scanning (5x7 max) $ 5.00 ea. max 5"x7"
Custom Logos and 3-D Art

$ 22.00 /hr.on all art work

Web Page "make-overs" (add-ons &  redesigns)

e-mail us with URL for quote

Custom banners & simple logos

$ 20.00 ea. (custom art work and animations)

Kiosks & CD electronic catalogs e-mail for quotes & samples
E-commerce consulting and re-engineering plans for launching your company into the 21st century - click for details

$30.00 /hr consulting fees for a programming

IMS webmaster tips on Company Logos:

"A picture's worth a thousand words." When it comes to company logos, this old maxim couldn't be truer. Think of McDonald's golden arches or the Nike swoosh. These two impressive logos embody these companies well. But many companies still skimp on developing this key identity piece.

Ideally, your company logo enhances that crucial first impression with potential customers and partners. A good logo can build loyalty between your business and customers, establish a brand identity and provide the professional look of an established business.

Consider Allstate's "good hands" logo. It immediately portrays a warm feeling for the company, symbolizing care and trust. With a little thought and creativity, your logo can quickly and graphically express many positive attributes of your business.

Getting Started with Your Logo

Before you begin sketching, first articulate the message you want your logo to convey. Try writing a one-sentence image and mission statement to help focus your efforts. Stay close to this statement while creating your logo.

Here are some more tactics and considerations to help you create an appropriate logo:

Look at other business logos in your industry. Do your competitors use solid, conservative images, or flashy graphics and type? Think about how you want to differentiate your logo from those of your competitors.

Your business name affects your logo. If your business name is "D.C. Jewelers," you may wish to use a classy, serif font to accent the letters (especially if your name features initials). For a company called "Lightning Bolt Printing," the logo might feature some creative implementation of — you guessed it — a lightning bolt.  Use your logo to illustrate your business's key benefit. The best logos make an immediate statement with a picture or illustration, not words. The "Lightning Bolt Printing" logo, for example, may need to convey the business benefit of "ultra-fast, guaranteed printing services." The lightning bolt image could be manipulated to suggest speed and assurance.

Keep your logo simple. Use nothing more than an image and company name. It should be easy to read in various sizes and easy to recognize. Make sure your logo transfers well in black and white since you may not always be able to produce it in color. Using color provides more design options, but can also make your logo expensive to reproduce.

IMS just completed 3 new sites for Holdup Suspenders to increase their search engine exposure. featuring Google Checkout and PayPal payments in their new shopping cart design.

Sloops blue jeans made just for suspender wearers
Click the above banner to see how IMS has developed this site for a local manufacturer of Patented suspenders. These guys are a EcomCity profile merchant who have paid the 120.00/year for advertising space here!

Holdup Suspenders are so unique they're patented and come in 180 styles.

Conventional graphics and art services furnished by are offered to outside Ad agencies & firms on a sub-contract basis.

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