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Resources- Your step-by-step guide to Ecommerce

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Step #4 -- Identify your online prospects and customers

On the surface, identifying potential customers for your Ecommerce site doesn't seem too difficult to do. For example, if you sell books, your potential customer base is the vast universe of people who buy books ... as well as your loyal customers who frequently buy books from you.

But are all these people pre-disposed to buying books online? Probably not. Some people prefer to browse in actual bookstores. And many don't have computers. Therefore, you need to look realistically at your market and determine who your online buyers will be - usually people who are comfortable with computers and the Internet and who have experience buying other products over the Internet.

Once you determine the type of online customer you'd like to target, you will have to find out how to attract them to your Ecommerce site. Often your product in the real world defines your customer base. Just remember that their are no arbitrary boundries in Cyberspace. Make your product universal or concentrate on a set market. Niche' sites sell best. That's where Step 5 comes in.

Next... Step 5 - Plan to promote your site

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Benq 46 inch PDP46W-S Plasma TV- with Silver thin frame and 850/1 contract ratio for 3595.00
Introducing the Ultimate Plasma TV! Benq 46 inch model PDP46W-S Plasma TV- with Silver thin frame and astounding 850/1 contrast ratio for only $3595 for full details
Finally, the elegance and technology of the boardroom makes its way into the living room. Benq's Plasma technology forges new ground in clarity and high definition, high contrast home theater TV sets. The eye-catching Benq 46W1-S 46" ultra thin, flat plasma display is sure to grab the attention of home theater enthusiasts and corporate customers alike. Whether in your boardroom, in your dedicated home theater room, or in your family room, the Benq 46W1-S Plasma Display was created to fulfill your dreams in picture, sound, and spirit. This large-screen plasma display, gives you a new standard to beat with remarkable brightness, theater-like wide-screen viewing and an sparkling silver frame, this model includes everything you want in a plasma display including Cable/DVD tuner and computer input controls for under $3600.

Benq 15
BenQ Q150 LCD TV—Comes With Built-in Speaker And professional quality Subwoofer System for under 800.00..dual function Fklat screen LCD TV and computer high resolution computer monitor....check out the specs on this beauty
. It is a 15-inch LCD TV that is a bright addition to any environment and doubles as a high definition TV and computer monitor. It features a 3D Dynamic Edge Filtering, a contrast ratio of 500:1, a computer resolution of 1024 x 768. From computer monitor in the den to an extra television in the guest bedroom, with its built-in TV tuner, handle and optional wireless kit, the Q150 can be taken from room-to-room to be enjoyed throughout the house. BenQ is a well know Japenese Electronics company and they exceed both Panasonic and Sony in picture quality side by side tests.

Benq FP991 1280x1024 19 inch Thin Frame Silver/Black LCD Monitor has the highest contrast ratio on the market
WOW is all I can say. The Benq FP991 1280x1024 19" Thin Frame Silver/Black LCD Monitor has a 700/1 contrast ratio and blows away the competition on flat screen computer monitor for details on this $699 monitor
Designed with users' comfort in mind, the new BenQ FP991 supports multiple resolutions up to 1280x1024 with 300 nits of high brightness and a high contrast ratio of 700:1. With its 25ms signal response time and wide viewing angles, the FP991 is able to display crisp and vivid images, and is ideal for numerous applications including full-screen streaming video. The BenQ FP991 TFT active matrix LCD monitor allows users to effortlessly switch between different viewing modes, both landscape and portrait, with the press of a button. It is equipped with dual signal input interface (D-Sub/DVI),25ms response time and iKey auto calibration for customization of screen settings. Great for gamers and AutoCad engineers.

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E-commerce is a powerful tool

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Collections Etc.

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Sony Vaio V505D Pentium 4 Mobile Processor 2.2GHz / 256MB / 60GB / CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive / 12.1
Sony Vaio V505D Pentium 4 Mobile Processor 2.2GHz / 256MB / 60GB / CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive / 12.1" XGA / XP Pro Notebook PC

This one is the one I would purchase based upon selling and installing computers for over 30 years to small business clients. Sony quality throughout in a ultra light weight power house notebook under $1350.00. Use it for 2 years and sell it to your best friend without shame for $1100.00. That's how you judge a good notebook purchase.

Sony's VAIO V505 Series notebooks are designed to pack an incredible amount of performance into a sleek, stylish package. This elegant Vaio V505D with its speedy, powerful Pentium 4 2.2 GHz mobile processor represents the stunning integration of Sony's full video and audio entertainment capabilities with the latest innovations in information technology.

With features designed with mobility in mind, this very compact Sony Vaio V505DC2P5 notebook makes no compromises, performing feats of multimedia magic that belie its size. It has all the tools you need, including CD-RW/DVD combo drive, wireless LAN, and a library of useful and entertaining software, to bring you exceptional productivity anywhere you go. And with its huge 60GB hard drive, 256MB memory and award-winning Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system, the Sony VAIO V505D handles the most complex applications with ease. Act fast on this one as supply is limited at this closeout price. All Sony 505's are jewels for those seeking a truly mobile lightweight office tool.

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