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IMS visions series fo newsletters e-commerce impact on business

Streamlining purchasing for the other
"Fortune 8 million" businesses!

IMS plans to incorporate the "Buying Chain" into's CyberMall community for public internet access through its wholesale club. A special version for large companies, ISPs and portal communities can easily be setup as a VPN using our co-location hosting services on a OC3 -OC48 tier one backbone. IMS was instrumental in helping Trilogy's "Selling Chain" software be used to launch back in 1995.

To see "Buying Chain" in action, view the automated demo.

Buying Chain is an e-commerce application for your company's intranet. It creates a framework for online buying that incorporates your company's approval routing, corporate standards, procurement policys, and reporting requirements. With Buying Chain, employees will enjoy one-stop-shopping from a selection of 5 million online products for all work-related supplies, office equipment to travel servcies. Companies get great deals from top suppliers while saving more than 55% on purchasing costs. And because it automates your company's purchasing process, from request to delivery, your business can benefit from the efficiency and cost savings of buying online while still maintaining control of employee spending.

Easy Installation and Setup

Buying Chain installs in just minutes on your company's intranet server. Once installed, setting up Buying Chain is a snap. Approval routing rules can be created with an easy-to-use rule wizard, catalog setup is as easy as surfing the web, and drag-and-drop functionality makes maintaining the user-base a breeze. Install and setup Buying Chain today, and start saving money online in a matter of minutes! Our CPE Distribution service will be offering "turnkey" Windows NT servers pre-configured with the buying chain S/W and any speed intra/InterNet access with secure VPN solutions.

Over 5 million products... and growing daily

guy_check_stats.gif (6883 bytes)For many business buyers, the real value of Buying Chain is derived from the online buying capabilities it provides. In order to help you take advantage of e-commerce, Trilogy has partnered with a number of companies with sell-side e-commerce web sites. The growing list of over 150 suppliers includes companies like Office Depot, (formerly, and Tech Buyer, PcOrder, Barnes & Noble, with more signing up daily.

These suppliers provide Buying Chain users with online ordering, full access to pricing and availability information, and promotions exclusively for Buying Chain users. Additionally, users can request that key online suppliers be added to the Buying Chain Suppliers list. The suppliers will be notified and can become a Buying Chain Supplier in just a few hours.

Featured Suppliers ( more on the way with 5 million product SKU's online now)

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Sony Vaio V505DC1P1 Intel Centrino 1.4GHz / 802.11b Wireless / 12.1-inch XGA / 256MB DDR / 40GB HDD / CD-RW/DVD Combo / Windows XP Pro / powerful ultra light Notebook PC for $1400
Sony Vaio V505DC1P1 Intel Centrino 1.4GHz / 802.11b Wireless / 12.1-inch XGA / 256MB DDR / 40GB HDD / CD-RW/DVD Combo / Windows XP Pro / Ultra Light Notebook PC for $1400.00

Special 4lb Deal! Sony VAIO V505DC1P1:Compact. Sleek. Centrino-Wireless.

Enjoy serious power and stylish mobility with the Sony VAIO V505DC1P1 notebook. Watch your favorite DVDs, burn and listen to your own CDs, manage your digital images and enjoy wireless freedom. Experience portability, sophistication and power. The VAIO® V505 Series Notebook is designed to pack an impressive amount of performance into a sleek, stylish package. With features designed with mobility in mind, this very compact notebook doesn’t compromise on anything! With all the tools you need – like CD-RW/DVD combo drive, optional wireless LAN, and a library of useful and entertaining software – built right in, your new VAIO® V505 Series Notebook can keep up with you, as fast and as far as your work and your imagination take you.

Sony PremierPro SDM-P232W/B / 23-Inch / 1920 x 1200 / Charcoal Black /wide screen LCD computer Monitor for $1799
Sony PremierPro SDM-P232W/B / 23-Inch / 1920 x 1200 / Charcoal Black /LCD Monitor for maximum screen real estate $1799

Sony Vaio RZ44G Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz HyperThreading Technology / 512MB DDR / 160GB HDD / DVD-RW / CD-ROM / Windows XP Media Center operating system / Desktop PC for 924.00
Sony Vaio RZ44G Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz HyperThreading Technology / 512MB DDR / 160GB HDD / DVD-RW / CD-ROM / Windows XP Media Center O/S /Multi-media Desktop PC and gaming system for pnly $924.00

Sony Vaio RZ44G! Monstrously Mean DVD-Burning Machine! Pentium 4 2.8GHz Processor Plus Massive 160GB Hard Drive and Microsoft's only multi-media tunes operating system! Intel® Pentium® 4 2.66GHz! 512MB of DDR! 160GB Hard Drive! DVD-RW Burner. The RZ44G Sony Vaio packs a veritable Murderer's Row lineup of powerhouse components with more muscle, finesse and raw speed than the New York Yankees' gazillion dollar roster! The RZ44G's Pentium 4 Processor is specially engineered to get the very best performance levels from this wonderful desktop computer's unbelievable array of digital multimedia innovations including the exclusive DVD Editing, Creation, Music and Photo Softare that comes with this system. A Mighty PC for power users & gamers alike... that's Easy on the Bank Account at only $924.00.

iconicon Check out this Computer systems and peripherals closeout section FIRST. icon Power Users and gamers, to those seeking discountinued name brand systems, Click here for closeout computer systems. icon

If you're looking for the ultimate multimedia computer, look no further than the PCV-RS430 Sony VAIO Digital Studio. iconicon Fueled by a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 processor, the Digital Studio packs a huge 120GB hard drive to give you plenty of room for all  your programs. Expand your multimedia library with the integrated DVD+RW/CD-RW drive. Probably near the top of the list of the world's coolest computers, it's topped off with sleek Sony styling.  Always check get-in2 PcShops Mall first for huge savings on computers and accessories...Save $400 ...Sony VAIO PCV-RS430G Digital Studio with DVD-RW/CD-RW for $999 icon Specifications:  Processor: 2.8GHz Pentium(R) 4 * System memory: 512MB (expandable to 2GB) *Hard drive: 120GB * Optical drive: DVD+RW/CD-RW combo *Optical drive 2: CD-ROM * Graphics: ATA Radeon 9200 video card *Sound: stereo speakers *Network: 10/100Base-TX * Modem: v.92 * External ports: eight USB 2.0, one serial, two PS/2, one VGA, one parallel, one S/PDIF digital optical, one 6-pin i.LINK, one 4-pin i.LINK, headphone/mic jack, line in * Operating system: Windows(R) XP Home on domestic, APO/FPO and international freight charges too!  Add a monitor freight free... SAVVY SHOPPER TIP: If your buying a monitor, printer, accessories with your system the freight charges can get expensive. I highly recommend checking Overstock where total shipping cost never exceeds $2.95. If they offer a often heavy large screen monitor, system and lazer printer you like it there! Name brand CRT and LCD computer monitors at wholesale prices with $2.95 flat rate here! icon

Viewsonic G810 21-inch SuperClear CRT Monitor ..the ultimate for Cad/CAM and gamers for 309.99 The 21-inch ViewSonic G810 monitor offers an excellent screen image and advanced features at an exceptional value. The large screen boosts productivity by allowing you to view more information without scrolling. A super-fine 0.21mm horizontal dot pitch and maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 produce super high-definition images making this monitor great for desktop publishing, graphics and business applications. Specifications: *Display type: 21-inch SuperClear CRT *Viewable screen size: 20 inches *Maximum resolution: 2048 X 1536 *Dot pitch: 0.21 mm (horizontal), 0.25 mm (diagonal) *TCO '99 and Energy Star certified ...All other vendors ship this one for over 85.00 order freight charge right now is never more then 2.95.

Enhance your visual computing experience with an deal on a hot monitors from ViewSonic, NEC, IBM, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Dell and others.... HP Pavilion F1703 17-inch LCD Monitor for $399 icon ... Sony SDMHS93 19-inch Flat Panel TFT Monitor for $599.00 icon ..IBM P260 Black 21-inch high definition CRT Monitor for $329.00 icon ..Hitachi Superscan 803 21-inch Supreme Monitor for only $249.00 icon ..NEC E-750 untral fine .25 dot pitch 17-inch Monitor for $99.90 icon

Gateway 510X P4 3.06GHz / 512MB RAM / 120GB HDD / DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive / Win XP Home / Recertified Desktop PC for $579
WOW! Gateway 510X P4 3.06GHz / 512MB RAM / 120GB HDD / DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive / Win XP Home / Recertified Desktop PC only $589 while they last!

Gateway 510X – The Heavy Hitter that’s Light on the Budget! Tired of passing up that powerhouse computer you’ve always wanted because it was just too expensive? Now you can have a monster machine of your own for a price you can easily afford! Yes, this Gateway 510X packs the power and speed of a corporate-class computer, but costs just a fraction of what the Fortune 500 firms pay for a high-performance superstar. Fueled by a masterful Pentium 4 3.06GHz processor with 512MB of awesomely fast DDR memory and a huge 120GB hard drive, the Gateway 510X delivers the kind of breakthrough performance and reliability you’ve always dreamed about. Offering a remarkable level of productivity that allows you to go far beyond the basics, the Gateway 510X can breeze through today’s toughest, most graphics-intensive applications while providing the expandability and versatility to tackle tomorrow’s increasingly complex programs. With an impressive array of leading-edge features, including an exceptional DVD/CD-RW Combo drive and superb video and audio capability, and running flawlessly on the award-winning Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operating system, the Gateway 510X brings outstanding all-around computing to professionals, students and home users alike. Don’t pass up this powerhouse Gateway 510X – it’s fast, it’s efficient and it’s affordable!

Gateway P4 2.8GHz Processor / 512MB RAM / 80GB HDD / CD-RW Drive / DVD-ROM Drive / 17
Get it all for only $999. Gateway P4 2.8GHz Processor / 512MB RAM / 80GB HDD / CD-RW Drive / DVD-ROM Drive / 17" LCD / Win XP Home / Refurbished Desktop PC
Outstanding Overall Performance The Gateway P4® 2.8GHz Desktop PC offers superior performance for a variety of purposes including home, business or school use, as well as and multimedia entertainment. Built around a quick, powerful Pentium® 4 2.8GHz processor, lighting-fast 512MB DDR memory and a massive 80GB hard drive, the Gateway P4® 2.8GHz Desktop PC packs the muscle and might to flawlessly handle a multitude of tasks. This complete system includes a fabulous 17" high-resolution LCD monitor, DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives, incredible nVIDIA Geforce FX 5200 video, outstanding audio support, USB 2.0 for lightning-fast connections to periperhals and much more! This feature-packed, geniune Gateway desktop represents an outstanding value for an exceptional all-around computer loaded with extras!

Sony Vaio v100G 15
Sony Vaio v100G 15" LCD TV-Monitor/ Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.4GHz / 512MB / 80GB / DVD-ROM CD-RW Combo Drive / Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition / All-In-One Desktop PC and home theater system for $1097.00

Perfect Sony Vaio computer system and Sony LCD TV combo in a clean -space saving design. The term "all-in-one" is used so often it's become a cliché. However, because the new Sony V100G Desktop PC offers so many features and benefits, and performs so many amazing tasks, we aren't stretching the truth by describing it as an "all-in-one" PC. Click the link above to check out just a few of the highlights among a long list of features the mega-efficient, high-powered, super-versatile Sony V100G brings to the table to earn its "all-in-one" stripes.

  • Watch TV on 15" ultra-clear LCD Plasma screen with Remote control and cable /HDTV inputs.

  • Personal Video Recorder powered by Giga Pocket Engine for plugging into your Dorm room,RV, kitchen counter or beach house.

  • 15" LCD Display (XGA) for both TV and computer program displays where counter space is a problem

  • Built-in stereo speakers that deliver a rich blend of low, mid and high-range audio that will add lush textures to your music, games and movies

  • DVD-Rom/CD-RW Combo drive that allows you to burn CDs ...and Sony quality through out

Systemax™  Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology 3GHz / Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition/ 800MHz FSB / 512MB / 120GB / DVD-ROM / CDRW / Desktop PC
Systemax™ Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology 3GHz / Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition/ 800MHz FSB / 512MB / 120GB / DVD-ROM / CDRW / Desktop PC 64BIT system! Click to buy for only $898.00
Ultimate Performance—Systemax™ Systems CPU with Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology 3GHz, Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition and NVIDIA® GeForce 4 FX5200 Video!
Extreme performance is now available at factory direct pricing! The Systemax™ monster with Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition and an incredible 800MHz Front Side Bus, packs every extra imaginable - in an all new stealth-black Micro-ATX case. This system can handle anything, from sophisticated gaming to image editing and even power-hungry CAD applications. With half-a-gigabyte of high-speed PC2700 DDR memory, an enormous 120GB 7200RPM hard drive and NVIDIA® GeForce4 FX5200 video—it's got the power to eat through any task at lightning speed. You can pay much more for a PC this powerful elsewhere, but why would you? Order now, because at this price they will not last long...includes 6-Channel Audio -56K v.92 Modem -Intel® 10/100Mbps Onboard Ethernet Adapter -IEEE 1394® FireWire Interface &  Logitech® Internet Keyboard/Scrolling Mouse

 Refurbished name brand computers and custom built clones from the PcStore TigerDirect Homepage | Digital Cameras | Tiger Systems | Computer Kits | Handheld Computers Closeout prices on notebook computers and peripherals like motherboards and Intel Processors.

Click here for the top 10 weekly computer bargains sold at get-in2
What computer deals appeal to our Savvy Shoppers?

Our customers rate these items over all others by purchasesY-2002- Brand name closeouts, manufacturer overruns and excess inventories are now available to all consumers through's alliance with OverStock Inc.  They rotate $$28 Million dollars of available top name inventories all shipped below local discouter prices from their own distribution center. You can now beat the prices shown by retailers like Best Buys -Sams Club- CostCo. Click here to see the top selling name brand offers in our clearence center.   Year after year OverStock is's top merchant offering unbelievable prices and service for savvy shoppers. Just type the product keywords in the below search box to see what OVERSTOCK has on sale today....Best Price GUARANTEE at! If you find it cheaper, we PAY YOU the difference!  Total shipping and handling cost on all items ordered at the same time never exceeds $3.95 at OverStock.

With Buying Chain, Office Depot business customers can authorize employees to shop and make purchase requests from online catalogs and still ensure controlled buying behavior. The leading retailer of office supplies, Office Depot offers over 12,000 brand-name products.

IMS plans to implement this service through carefully chosen ISPs nationwide. By adding "Buying Chain" to's CyberMalls and local merchant outlet shops we will be able to complete our plan for creating the perfect shopping environment. Local free access POP#s will allow millions of shoppers, employees and purchasing agents to conveniently buy online.

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